Alessandro Isidoro Re

Fondatore @ Social Innovators, Giornalista, consulente e Project Manager
Personal Information:
Giornalista di tecnologia e filosofia per varie riviste tra cui Il Tascabile, Linkiesta e Singola. È project manager per Milano Digital Week e fondatore di Social Innovators, associazione impegnata nella divulgazione di temi, eventi e progetti legati all'innovazione sociale.

[28 Janeiro 2021]
Theme: Young partnerships for the goals


Transition towards Circular Economy is strictly linked to the climate agenda and to Sustainable Development Goals, global objectives that should be achieved by 2030. This new development paradigm is shaping policies of individual states, but governments’ action alone is not enough to prevent irreversible damage to our ecosystem and to those who inhabit it. Designing and implementing concrete responses to global problems, that threaten social and environmental well-being, today is required from each of us.
In this battle, young people want to be at the forefront, in Italy and all over the world.Representing their respective realities, Celeste Righi Ricco (Pensare Globalmente Agire Localmente), Davide Paturno (Social Innovators) e Irene Ghaleb (Change for Planet), will lead us by hand to discover new realities that are committed to achieve SDGs. Because no one is too young to change the world.