Fabio Tentori

Head of Innovation Hubs, Startups and Business Incubation, Enel
Personal Information:
Fabio manages all collaborations with startups within Enel Group and the presence in innovation ecosystems worldwide: from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv. He is also in charge of launching new businesses at the forefront of innovation in the energy domain. He is passionate about driving change and making an impact to create a better and more sustainable world.

[28 Janeiro 2021]
Theme: Innovability: innovation for a better world!


Climate change, the growth of renewables, a constant surge in energy demand are all decisive factors in an ongoing energy transition that is  changing the face of urban environments. Rising urbanization rates, unstoppable technological progress, economic competitiveness, new consumer habits and growing expectations from citizens are all playing their part in revolutionizing lifestyles in urban areas as they pose fresh new challenges on a daily basis.

Enel X aims at supporting public administration in addressing these challenges with success and fast pace, shaping a new circular city model and offering solutions that make energy use more efficient and simultaneously introduce innovative services and better experiences for citizens. Street lighting which becomes smart and adapts depending on climate and traffic conditions, charging stations which become integrated into lighting poles, public transport which is finally quiet and green thanks to fleet electrification and PV depots which fuel them with green energy, big data which allow better urban planning and predictive services. All of these solutions are part of today Enel X portfolio, all bringing strong impact in improving the sustainability of our cities, thanks to electrification, service integration and digitization.
But it is not only a matter of providing cities with innovative services. It is also a matter of supporting cities to understand, study and deeply evaluate the importance and potential of circularity and sustainability. For this reason Enel X has developed also the circular economy report for PAs, a tool which helps city managers to have a grounded assessment of what the current level of circularity of the city is today and to understand what interventions and areas of improvement could have the biggest impact in the path towards a sustainable future.